Farmers are under constant pressure due to the current climate change. Agricultural workers have to keep abreast of the weather at all times, adapting to different weather extremes to keep their crops safe. For the past ten years, there has been an increase in the aridity of the climate, and the rainfall is no longer sufficient for plant development. Heat, dry winds, heavy rainfall – these are weather adversities that farmers often face and which make them spend a great deal of money.

The main wish of any farmer is to have a stable and profitable crop. HF Agro has figured out how to help them do this in a practical way. 

As you remember, HF Agro is working on active bacterial complexes for plant nutrition to solve the problem of lack of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil, and offers farmers a unique product – the AZOTER bacterial fertiliser. Research has shown that the use of this substance significantly reduces the cost of nitrogen fertilisers, increases crop yields and drought resistance. Each field in which the bio-fertiliser was applied brought additional profit to the agricultural worker (read more about it here).

It is worth noting that these tests were carried out with HF Agro liquid fertiliser applicators. Having analysed all the figures from the tests, the experts concluded that the application technology also played an important role. By applying the AZOTER products with HF Agro applicators, the farms which took part in the tests achieved the final yields and made additional profit.

In addition to the agrochemical aspects, several technological factors contributed to this:

  • the applicator accurately met the required application rate, there was no loss of fertiliser, which had a positive effect on return on investment and income;
  • precise application zone: the applicator applied AZOTER directly to the seedbed which allowed the nutrient to quickly penetrate into the soil and be absorbed by the plants in the most complete and efficient manner;
  • convenient functionality and ease of use: the loading and transportation of the fertiliser was time-saving; all the agro methods were completed quickly and within optimal time – which is crucial in unpredictable weather conditions. 

As you can see, applying AZOTER bacterial fertiliser with HF Agro applicators is a great combo, a guarantee of high yields and extra income per hectare, despite the weather adversities and the soil’s non-ideal composition.

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