HF Agro will launch a new range of harrows called SWIFT.

These machines – the ideal tool for early spring cultivation after fall plowing.

The new product has a wide range of applications: pre-spring preparation after fall plowing.

The new product has a wide range of applications: seedbed preparation, breaking soil crust, closing moisture, leveling the surface of the field after plowing, killing weed seedlings, incorporation of mineral fertilizers, soil herbicides or siderate seeds, even distribution of crop residues with their partial incorporation.

The new product has a wide range of applications.

The series starts with the SWIFT-12 model with a working width of 12 m and a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

The high quality of cultivation is based on the right design solutions - the distance between the tines of the plume in the frontal projection ("pitch of the tine field") is 57 mm, and the number of rows of tines - 16 rows of plume.

The SWIFT-12 model is the first of its kind in the world.

The company develops, expands and confidently follows the path of its own opening and its own production. The SWIFT harrow will soon be the multi-functional, productive, simple and reliable machine that every farm needs.

The SWIFT harrow is the first of its kind.

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