HF Agro, a new Ukrainian brand of agricultural machinery, is rapidly gaining momentum, and has already made itself known by participating in the international agro-industrial exhibition “Grain Technologies-2021” and demonstrating a number of original developments of increased efficiency.

The applicators for introducing liquid fertilizers are among the exhibits. It is an innovative product that introduces fertilizer with high precision directly to the seedbed or other required area. Moreover, the applicator can be easily mounted on both cultivators and seed drills, regardless of the implement manufacturer. The fertilizer tank is installed to the implement frame without welding.

In addition, it was possible to review the new generation of fertilizer spreaders at the exhibition. The HF Agro units are characterized by their simplicity in operation, accuracy and uniformity of the distributed substances, which can be maintained regardless of the speed of movement and the type of fertilizer applied. Today, the range includes compact and spacious models with various tank sizes up to 10 m3 (10 thousand liters), as well as a spreading range of up to 36 m, which allows you to choose a spreader for the needs of any farm.

In addition to its own development and production, HF Agro acts as an official dealer and a representative of a number of world companies. In particular, the products by LEHNER (a German manufacturer of machinery for sowing, spreading fertilizers, plant protection) and MaterMacc (an Italian company specializing in the production of precision seed drills), which were demonstrated during the exhibition.

The spring series of machines, MaterMacc row-crop seeders, are designed for sowing using classic and minimum technology, on light soils and for direct sowing. The model is equipped with a double disc coulter with a diameter of 390 mm, which cuts through crop residues in the soil. The implement allows you to maintain a predetermined seeding depth. The precision seed drills and TWIN ROW allow you to plant in two lines with a distance of 22 cm using two individual seeders. The unit significantly increases the yield on the same sown area.

The farmers were offered LEHNER pneumatic seeders. VENTO and SuperVario-110, which reliably sow seeds of grasses, catch crops, green manure, introduce anti-sludge granules, fertilizers and other grainy and granular materials. VENTO copes well even with large amounts of sowing material, for example, grass seeds 40kg/ha or cereals 120kg/ha. The units are characterized by the stepless adjustment of the working width (from 2 to 24 m) and the spread range.

The company's products aroused the interest of a wide range of agribusiness representatives. The visitors were especially interested in mini-seeders and row-crop seeders, as well as in the conversion of seeders and inter-row cultivators into units for introducing liquid fertilizers. The farmers were also attracted by the range of mineral fertilizer spreaders, which are relevant in anticipation of the season and are widely represented in the HF Agro ranges.

An innovative approach, highly customized solutions, a wide range of equipment are not all the advantages of HF Agro. The Ukrainian brand carries a completely new concept aimed at solving the problems of each specific farm and the development of the agricultural industry as a whole.

HF Agro is always one step ahead, the company's experts conduct in-depth data monitoring and thoroughly analyse trends in soil and climatic changes. Extreme weather events, drought, intense precipitation, aggressive dry winds will not be a hindrance. HF Agro will help the Ukrainian farmers cope with risks, improve soil fertility, protect, preserve, and increase future yields.


The brand's specialists know what farmers need today, and are ready to satisfy even the highest requirements and requests in tillage, fertilizing, protection and transportation of cultivated plants. The brand offers innovative and quality products that meet the rapidly changing requirements of agriculture. This is a functional and reliable machinery for agricultural tasks of any complexity, designed for various types of soil and tillage technologies. The machinery that will help the farmers to reduce costs and easily achieve high efficiency in agricultural production, while minimizing the human factor.

In addition to products for agriculture, the company's product range also includes affordable and technological solutions for the municipal and road construction industry.

A separate area of ​​HF Agro is unique new products, such as active bacterial complexes for plant nutrition and protection, which solve the problem of nitrogen deficiency in the soil. Thanks to the use of such biocomplexes, the cost of applying nitrogen fertilizers is halved, and most importantly, crop yields and drought resistance are increased.

The company's plans for the current year include active participation in agricultural events held both in Ukraine and abroad.

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