In his interview with The Ukrainian Farmer magazine, President of HF Agro, Roman Hirshfeld, spoke about our brand, its principles and approaches to solving the problems of the farmers, development, plans and prospects.

We publish the excerpts:

- Tell us more about your new brand HF Agro: why was it created and where will it be presented?

- HF Agro presents a completely new concept aimed at solving the problems of each specific farm. Here, we offer solutions that take into account the needs of each customer at a new level. To this end, we select the best solutions from all over the world, and create our own or adapt them to the needs of our clients. The final assembly is carried out in Ukraine, but if the customer is from abroad, we must take into account the peculiarities of the future place of operation of the units.

Currently, the HF Agro product line includes fertilizer spreaders and applicators for liquid fertilizers and anhydrous ammonia, swing ploughs for working on various soils, subsoilers, cultivators and field rollers, packers and grain unloaders. The company’s operations are not limited to the agricultural sector only: the HF Agro model range includes multi-purpose units for road construction and utilities industries, machinery for winter road maintenance.

Today the brand has just begun to actively promote itself in Ukraine, but has already become well known to the farmers. It will soon be presented in other countries as well.

- Do you plan to expand the product line of the new brand, and if so, which areas will be covered first?

- One of the unique directions of the brand is the development of active bacterial complexes for plant nutrition and protection, which solve the problem of nitrogen deficiency in the soil. Thanks to such biocomplexes, nitrogen fertilization costs are halved, crop yields and drought tolerance are increased.

Furthermore, HF Agro acts as an official dealer and a representative of world famous companies, such as LEHNER, a German manufacturer of equipment for sowing, fertilization and plant protection.

- What are the prospects for the development of the new brand?

- Our new brand HF Agro is actively gaining momentum. For the current year, we plan to continue to actively participate in agricultural events in Ukraine and abroad, as well as to enter the markets of other countries.

The company does not stand still, and in the near future plans to develop such business areas as sprayers, modern fertilizers and plant protection products, logistics equipment and much more. Thanks to this, HF Agro will become a reliable assistant for any agricultural enterprise and will help to increase its yield and profitability.

Author: Oleksandr Vasylchenko

Source: agrotimes.ua


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