After harvesting, you need to immediately put the soil in order. Autumn tillage increases its fertility, helps fight pests, diseases, weeds and reduces labour costs.

An effective investment in the future harvest is autumn deep loosening and fertilization. Imagine if these two processes are combined into one. To do this, you need a subsoiler equipped with a module for applying granular fertilizers HF Agro, which will allow you to apply fertilizers simultaneously with soil cultivation.

Chiselling with simultaneous fertilization is the most productive technique in the soil cultivation system, which allows to create optimal conditions for the development of the root system of plants and get a significant increase in harvesting capacity. This is a technique of basic soil cultivation, when the soil is loosened, crumbled, partially mixed, but not turned around. In this case, additional top dressing of the soil is carried out, and stubble remains on its surface, fixing the soil and preventing it from being blown away by the wind. This is a good way of loosening under arid conditions in erosive areas.

The depth of application of HF Agro by the module can be adjusted (150 or 250 mm). This application allows plants in the middle phase of their development to develop the root system to the depth of fertilization, which makes it possible for them to tolerate the drought period much better, since moisture remains longer at such a depth. Surface application of fertilizers to a depth of 150 mm develops the root system of plants only in this surface layer, and in case of drought, moisture evaporates from this layer, and the plants do not receive adequate nutrition necessary for normal development and growth.

Fertilizers are applied accurately and with minimal losses, the application rate is from 30 to 500 kg / ha. The tank volume of HF Agro modules is up to 750 liters, which is convenient and practical for every farm. Simple and quick installation is also worth noting.

What is more important, in autumn the spring feeding of plants should be thought about. HF Agro offers applicators for applying liquid fertilizers for the purpose, which are completed for seeders and cultivators without additional welding manipulations.  The control is carried out using a semi-automatic or automatic system (optional). Optional outflow control is provided on each line.

HF Agro company strives to provide farmers as fully as possible with multifunction, ergonomic and efficient plant feeding equipment to make farming comfortable and profitable. 

We wish you all good harvests!

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