On August 5, HF Agro will demonstrate advanced technologies for sowing, feeding and plant protection at a large-scale summer event - LOZOVA MACHINERY FIELD DAY-2021. The event will take place on the basis of the Kolos farm (near the village of Valerianovka in the Lozovsky district of the Kharkov region).

HF Agro will present ultra-precise applicators for liquid fertilization. The equipment can be easily installed not only on cultivators and seeders, but also on subsoilers, regardless of their manufacturers. We add that they are easily mounted on the unit without any welding work. The implement precisely distributes fertilizers, which are applied with minimal losses, quickly penetrate the soil and are maximally absorbed by the plants.

Another innovation on display is the new generation of HF Agro fertilizer spreaders. The tank capacity is up to 10 m3 (10 thousand liters), and the spreading range of the machines is up to 36 m.
The company focuses on each client, so the units are adapted to the specific requirements of individual farms. The farmers, who tested the equipment on their fields, singled out for themselves the indisputable advantages of the machines - along with the high quality of work, the equipment is distinguished by its convenience and ease of use.

The agro-industrial complex today is among the most technologically advanced and innovative sectors of the world economy. HF Agro quickly responds to the rapidly changing requirements of each consumer and offers progressive solutions to the market.
We are waiting for you at LOZOVA MACHINERY FIELD DAY, where you can get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of sowing, fertilizing and plant protection.


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