As part of the program to promote the GEKON disc harrow on the international market, HF Agro has started field demonstrations of the GEKON disc harrow in Europe.

Thus, in September, the five-meter GEKON disc harrow was seen directly in operation by Polish farmers, where the harrow performed stubble cultivation of the field after harvesting corn. This crop leaves a lot of coarse crop residues, which is an additional load on the working elements. But this was not a hard test for GEKON-5 - the machine coped perfectly: it maintained the specified depth, shredded the residues qualitatively and left behind a flat surface, distributing the residues evenly over the field.

The viewers noticed the good condition of the tines, which are not clogged during cultivation, as well as the smooth and uniform operation. Thanks to the terrain following system with centralized suspension of the working sections, the weight of the machine is evenly distributed across the entire working width, so it is possible to accurately maintain the specified depth.

By the way, the farmers noted the ease and speed of setting up the harrow and preparing it for work from the transport position thanks to the hydraulic system.

In addition, we would like to remind you about the maintenance-free operation of the machine: all connection points do not need to be lubricated. Although this advantage cannot be fully felt and confirmed in demos, the manufacturer guarantees that the owners will appreciate this feature after the first agricultural season. The reliable machine will be ready to go into the field at any time, and during operation there will be no surprises in the form of damaged bearings.

HF Agro will continue the demonstration, which will be based on the demonstration of field work of GEKON disk harrow in different soil and climatic conditions and after different crops. The work after sunflower harvest will be very relevant. Follow the updates on the website.


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