HF Agro is increasing its market presence in the European Union and launching new production lines in Poland.

Today, Poland provides great support to Ukraine, and specifically, to Ukrainian business. Poland is a large and competitive market. Moreover, exports to other EU countries can be arranged through the country.

HF Agro production is located in the south of Poland. GEKON disc harrows (full production cycle) will be produced here.

The launch of a new production site will improve the work on the European market and increase the competitiveness of products.       

The production facilities of HF Agro are located in different countries. Focusing on global resources, working with most interesting companies in the world, the brand offers customized solutions with the most individual approach to local conditions.

The new range of GEKON disc harrows is maintenance-free due to the use of well-sealed bearing assemblies and high-quality plain bearings in all rotating joints. The bearing assembly is protected by a spring hanger, which ensures uniform processing and reduces the traction resistance of the equipment. In package, these technical solutions save both maintenance time and fuel costs during operation.  

A detailed review of the novelty product is waiting for its upcoming release. Stay tuned for more news.

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