HF Agro continues to familiarize the Ukrainian market with innovations for the agricultural sector.

On August 5, the company presented advanced technologies for sowing, feeding and plant protection at LOZOVA MACHINERY FIELD DAY-2021.

The focus of visitors is on ultra-precise applicators for applying liquid fertilizers, which are installed on cultivators, seeders and subsoilers, regardless of manufacturers. And the installation of the fertilizer tank is carried out on the tool frame without welding. The unit guarantees the application of the exact amount of fertilizer, both at low and high doses.

The guests were also impressed by the HF Agro fertilizer spreader. A large tank volume of up to 10 m3 (10 thousand liters) allows you to work for a long time without refueling. Spreading range up to 36 m. The range of the company includes vibrating, double-disc, trailed belt models. Characteristic features of the equipment: manufacturability, maximum use of stainless steels, modern distribution control systems and automatic spreading support, verified design and modularity, there is a choice of capacity and width.

“We have not only demonstrated the best designs focused on maximum productivity with minimum investment of time, but also received excellent feedback from farmers. It is important for us to be as close to the consumer as possible in order to continue to create new products according to the individual requests of each client. This is the principle of HF Agro, ”commented Roman Hirshfeld, President of HF Agro.

The farmers, having familiarized themselves with the technique, noted the excellent quality and multitasking of the units. And a number of clients who already use HF Agro products shared their practical experience of operation. We are glad that all the reviews were positive and we were glad to hear the words of gratitude!

The company is developing rapidly. Less than a year has passed since the HF Agro brand entered the Ukrainian market. And today, representatives of the agricultural community are clearly observing the dynamic development of the company and its ability to meet the needs of each individual agrarian.


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