HF Agro has launched the production of a new range of GEKON disc harrows. The range is currently available in working widths of 3, 5 and 6 metres.

The technical and operational advantages of the GEKON disc harrows enable farmers to cultivate their fields quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources on maintenance. In addition, thanks to the convenient and multifunctional design, each farmer can adjust the operation of the machine specifically to his/her tillage requirements. 

Let us tell you a little more about the new product from HF Agro.

The GEKON disc harrows have been designed to minimise the influence of the so-called “human factor” – wherever possible, automatic regulations and interlocks have been incorporated. In most cases, the farm machinery operator does not even have to leave the tractor cab.

The GEKON tills the soil perfectly! The contour following system distributes the machine weight evenly across the entire working width so that the working depth can be precisely set. The extra pressure on the frame edges is provided by rubber dampers. In other words, GEKON not only copies but also levels the field.

GEKON disc harrows are completely maintenance-free. High tightness seals in the bearing joints and robust plain bearings in all articulated joints, maintenance-free and lubrication-free for the entire service life. All the farm machinery operator has to do is set the desired working depth – and the harrow does it all by itself!

The tools of the GEKON disc harrows are mounted on a spring hanger. This construction guarantees the protection of the bearing joints and the quality of tilling. It also reduces the traction resistance of the machine so the tractor uses less fuel.

GEKON disc harrows have a large-diameter roller (500 mm) without a central axle. The additional tool enables the machine to pass at an exact depth, even on light soils. The design without a central axle prevents the roller from clogging despite very wet soils.  

GEKON disc harrows are easy to transport. Thanks to its practical design, the machine has a transport width of 3 m, which complies with European standards.

It is worth mentioning the rare (for disc harrows) possibility of transforming the semi-trailed harrow into a mounted one. The GEKON mounting system is adapted to category 2 and 3 three-point mounting and includes all necessary components.

To sum up: HF Agro has launched the production of reliable, economical, high-performance and safe machinery, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by our farmers.

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