GEKON disk harrows: the philosophy of high yield and profitability

Work on the future crop begins immediately after harvesting the preceding crop. A disk harrow is one of the first units that goes into the field after the combine. The success of preparing the field for next year's harvest depends on the quality of its work.

Yes, disk harrows are not perfect for all solving problems and risks; there are many factors that affect the quality and uniformity of crop growth. Nevertheless, the right start is half the battle. Therefore, work on the future crop should begin with the uniform distribution of plant residues over the field and the immediate closing of moisture after harvesting the preceding crop.

HF Agro has done everything to ensure that the farmers have the opportunity to purchase versatile and comfortable machinery for such needs, GEKON disk harrows, right now. Quick reminder: the production of the new product range has already started, and now the farmers can choose models with a working width of 3, 4 and 5 meters.


The operation of the disk harrow results in easier access of oxygen and moisture, faster developing of the root system of plants and assimilation of macro- and microelements from the soil. The plant becomes stronger and, therefore, the yield potential increases. By the way, both the final yield, due to ensuring the needs of the culture as a whole, and the cost of production will depend on the efficiency of using tillage machinery. We are talking about consumption of fuel and lubricants, performance, consumption of working time.

When creating GEKON disk harrows we were driven by the following philosophy: effective, comfortable and cost-efficient machinery for ideal tillage, which increases field productivity and business profitability.   

In proof of this, we will provide the main reasons.

Reason No. 1. All pivot joints are based on maintenance-free and reliably sealed bearing assemblies and plain bearings: no lubricant costs and no precious machinery maintenance time. In addition to this, the spring hanger ensures uniformity of tillage and reduces the traction resistance of the implement: again, significant fuel savings.

Reason No. 2. The unit stops in the transport position automatically. Not only the operator does not leave the tractor cab to lock or unlock the stoppers, he should not be worried about it at all. As a result, the costs of working time are reduced and the work productivity of both the machinery and the operator is increased. By the way, adjusting the hitch frame position is also uncomplicated: everything is easy and fast, without physical effort. This technical solution is implemented thanks to the hydraulic cylinder of the hitch frame with distance plates integrated into the design.      

Reason No. 3. The unit not only follows the contour of the field perfectly, but also levels its surface. The contour following system with the central suspension of the working sections evenly distributes the weight of the unit over the entire working width. This makes it possible to accurately keep to the given tillage depth. The rubber dampers in the system allow for creating additional pressure on the edges of the half-frames when following the unevenness of the field, thus also levelling the surface.

Now, while the harvest is still in progress, the farmers need to provide themselves with the machinery that will work effectively in the field throughout the agricultural season. GEKON disk harrows are ready to bring high yield and profit to the farmers.

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