The summer season of HF Agro started at the largest agricultural event in Eastern Europe, the AGRO-2021 agricultural exhibition, where the company's stand attracted visitors thanks to interesting technical solutions and a unique approach to creating new products.

“HF Agro is a brand created and supported by me personally,” says Roman Hirshfeld, President of HF Agro. “Based on the long-term and successful experience of developing the LOZOVA MACHINERY brand and bringing it to the first positions in the production of tillage equipment, we saw an active “demand” of the farmers for the machinery adapted to their specific requirements. This could not remain unanswered any more, this is how HF Agro appeared.”

“We select the best solutions and findings from all over the world and create equipment for the individual needs of each farmer,” says Roman Hirshfeld. “The final assembly and adaptation of the units is carried out already in Ukraine: we support domestic mechanical engineering and the development of the agricultural industry.”

An exclusive demonstration of the new HF Agro product, new-generation fertilizer spreaders, took place within the AGRO framework, for the first time in Ukraine. The tank capacity of the units is up to 10 m3 (10 thousand liters), and the spreading range (up to 36 m) allows you to choose an implement for any farm. Ease of operation, precision and uniformity of the distributed substances, maintained regardless of the speed of movement and the type of fertilizer being applied, are the indisputable advantages of the units.

The entire HF Agro model range is distinguished by its versatility, reliability, convenient functionality and ease of use. The company has taken care of every little detail, so that agricultural work brings joy, pleasure and profit to the farmers.


In addition, HF Agro suprised the guests with new products, presenting innovative high-precision applicators for introducing liquid fertilizers. Now applicators can be installed not only on cultivators and seeders, but also on subsoilers, regardless of their manufacturer.

The HF Agro units have already become indispensable helpers in the field for in the agricultural company “Victoria” “I am always suspicious of new equipment. But with HF Agro everything was different, I just needed a fertilizer machinery. It didn't take long to think and choose: the applicators seemed to me exactly what I needed. And you know, I tried and never regretted it.” this is how Oleksii Miroshnychenko appreciated the work of the implements

Traditionally acting as an official dealer of a number of the world's leading manufacturers, HF Agro presented the products by LEHNER (a German manufacturer of equipment for sowing, spreading fertilizers, plant protection) and MaterMacc (an Italian company that produces precision seed drills). It is worth noting the dynamic growth of the brand: the company's dealers were working already at the exhibition, at the HF Agro stand.

The large-scale event showed how many supporters and customers the young brand has gained. This is how Mykola Serhiienko, director of an agricultural company from Poltava region, shared his experience of using HF Agro machinery“We recently discovered HF Agro at the February agricultural exhibition. Now we are using their applicators, now is the right time for these implements. We have equipped our cultivators. We are all very happy: they work great, seamless. And besides, we made three from one implement at once: we turned the cultivator into both a seeder and a fertilizer.”    

The company invites farmers to discover their success stories with HF Agro units. The brand has prepared many interesting proposals for tillage, sowing, feeding, protection and transportation of plants. HF Agro is also developing unique new products: active bacterial complexes for plant nutrition and protection, which solve the problem of nitrogen deficiency in the soil. Thanks to the use of such biocomplexes, the cost of applying nitrogen fertilizers is halved, and most importantly, crop yields and drought resistance are increased.

It will be possible to get acquainted with the product line and see the machinery by the Ukrainian brand at exhibitions, demo shows, field days, and other events held this year both in Ukraine and abroad.

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